ePetition - Review of Residential Parking & Resident Consultation on Southall Avenue

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Review of Residential Parking & Resident Consultation on Southall Avenue

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to Consult residents and review the current parking arrangements on Southall Avenue in line with the Review of parking Zone U. To understand the situation an implement solutions that better meet the needs of the residents of Southall Avenue.

Southall Avenue sits in a precarious position and has for a number of years seen a massive increase in the number of cars parking in the road. This problem has been made worse recently with the implementation of Parking Zone U, the increase in cars from the residents of the new University Site (Who do park on Southall Avenue even though the agreement was that they wouldn't be allowed cars), the increase in staff and those teaching and studying on the university site and still for the time being builders from the development. The result is that Southall Avenue has become the last viable free unpermitted place to park within any reasonable distance of the university site. As a result those from Zone U who don't wish to pay a permit park vehicles here and don't move them all week, students from the new accommodation do the same and it is becoming impossible for residents to park at almost any point of the day but particularly difficult between 8am and 6pm. It is made significantly worse by the fact it is a one way street and therefore, there is no opportunity to stop even temporarily. This is not simply about convenience. For those with small children they are having to park a number of roads away and then move their cars again around the current Zone U parking times, for elderly residents they are unable to load shopping in and out of their vehicles as they cannot park anywhere within a feasible distance, for friends and visitors it is impossible to visit by car in the day time as there is nowhere they can park within a reasonable distance. Delivery drivers cannot stop to drop parcels. Additionally the lure of free parking also makes the road incredibly busy and means people park in dangerous and inconsiderate places. Across pavements, over driveways, or in places that narrow the road making it difficult for larger vehicles to get through, Pedestrians are forced out into the road in various places along the road because of vehicles parking on the pavement and the narrow pavement on the northbound side. The road has become bedlam and we are asking for a review of the parking and a consultation with residents around it.

This ePetition ran from 25/10/2021 to 15/11/2021 and has now finished.

27 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Thanks for your petition.

Due to the strength of opinion from residents a consultation for this road will be included in the review of Area U. This review is within the priority parking scheme timetable which is being discussed later on in a report to this Committee.


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