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Traffic calming on Marmion Road

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to Survey the area to assess traffic on Marmion road linking to school road. Mark 20mph speed limit on road & add sufficient signage. Flashing school signs at peak school times. Speed bumps or 1 way system to Marmion Road to slow traffic.

With traffic increasing in recent years, Marmion Road has become a cut through. With 2 schools a nursery and a park we feel traffic calming measures should be bought to the road to match the local Poets Corner calming measures. There is also the additional 105 dwellings on school road with increased traffic that poses a concern.

This ePetition ran from 16/06/2021 to 20/09/2021 and has now finished.

173 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

In response to it, the collision history on Marmion Road for the previous three years has been studied and this shows that there have been no recorded injury causing collisions in either School Road or Marmion Road in this period. However we of course note that that doesn’t mean that roads feel safe and that speeding doesn’t happen, nor that residents aren’t legitimately concerned. On 14th September, officers also conducted a site visit to monitor traffic during normal conditions. It was found that at the School Road end several vehicles that were attempting to enter Marmion Road from School Road had to give way to traffic exiting Marmion Road because of the narrowness of the road caused by parked cars. It was further observed that traffic then driving through Marmion Road had to give way to traffic approaching from the opposite direction at any point where there was a gap in the parking to allow vehicles to proceed past them. This parking was in effect traffic calming and observations suggested that because of this vehicle speeds remained low from when vehicles first entered the road.

However I note that you of course want to see more done. Unfortunately we have a great many request for traffic calming schemes and within our budget and what we have to do, we are looking at ways to manage this, and this can also mean prioritising areas where collisions have sadly been recorded. This is frustrating for all of us. I am pleased to update that there are a number of schemes planned to take place in the vicinity that should help to further reduce traffic volumes and speeds in this area. This includes the upcoming school streets scheme for School Road. If taken forward, this scheme is likely to consider a combination of signage and traffic calming to improve safety on the school approach. We are also progressing plans to implement road safety improvements along Portland Road as part of our S106 programme. These works are planned to take place this year and will include the implementation of a raised entry treatment at the junction of School Road and Portland Road. In combination, we believe these schemes will positively impact on the speed and volume of traffic in this area and will therefore address some of the concerns raised within this petition.

Considering the upcoming schemes in this area and the casualty record at this location it is not considered appropriate to take any further action at the current time. However, we would welcome feedback from the residents in Marmion Road once these schemes have been implemented to see whether there has been noticeable changes in the volume and speed of vehicles as a result of these changes. Once they are in place, please share your views via transport.projects@brighton-hove.gov.uk
Thank you so much for raising this important issue and we will continue to work to address concerns around traffic.


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