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Save Hove and Portslade Seafront

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to answer the questions below, so positive action can be taken for the repair of the seafront railings and furniture in Hove and Portslade. 1) Does our local council understand the massive impact of neglect, debris, deterioration of our surroundings on mental health and a general wellbeing of the residents and visitors? 2)What are the reasons for such significant differences in seafront maintenance between Brighton, Hove & Portslade? 3)What is the general maintenance budget for Brighton, Hove and Portslade and what is the key to its allocation among three areas 4)How much had been allocated and spent in the last 5 years in Brighton Hove and Portslade for maintenance of the seafront railings specifically? 5) Who is responsible for the paint job and who does it and when exactly was the last professional paint job done? 6) How can we, the residents help, for example with crowdfunded projects, if council budgets can’t cover the full amount of the repair/maintenance bill?

We live in challenging times and with the pandemic, social distancing and general isolation, we more than ever need peaceful spaces to recover from everyday stresses and negative news. For many people, the Brighton and Hove seafront is the place to recharge their batteries. However,
we have been observing an ever-faster deterioration of the seafront in recent years, especially the parts of Hove
and Portslade.

While there are many issues for the area we live in what is of particular concern to us is the state of the seafront promenade. Once a beautiful and well-maintained public place that we could be proud of, it has been deteriorating rapidly because of general neglect.

The railings, benches, shelters are eaten away by corrosion and are becoming increasingly dangerous. Bits and pieces are breaking off in front of our eyes, layers upon layers of paint are peeling off. Yes, times are hard, however, how come the Brighton part of the seafront (railings, benches, fences) looks decent and Hove and Portslade are falling apart, literally? Even our beautiful landmark, the Peace Statue is surrounded by corroded fencing and crumbling concrete.

Brighton seafront railings are in a good condition, well maintained, but once you walk west of the Peace Statue, the state of the railings is appalling. This is not just a visual issue, but broken off railings also pose dangers to passers-by, particularly children.

Started by: Andrea Lewis

This ePetition ran from 25/07/2020 to 27/01/2021 and has now finished.

1112 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

The petition will be presented to Full Council on 28th January 2021.


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