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Foot and Cycle Path For Roedean Road and Traffic Calming

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to create a footpath and put in place associated road calming measures on Roedean Road to improve access for pedestrians and cycles and to improve community safety. The footpath will join the existing path, which ends at East Brighton Golf Club to the west entrance to Roedean Crescent where no pavement currently exists.

The footpath to exit the City on Roedean Road ends abruptly at East Brighton Golf Club and restarts at the western entrance to Roedean Crescent. Consequently pedestrians including the elderly, children and vulnerable persons have no option but to walk on the road. This is the only convenient pedestrian route connecting the Roedean Neighbourhood and Roedean School to the City.

In March BHCC turned down a planning application for 3 family homes with road access from Roedean Road. This in part denied on the grounds of a damning assessment of road safety by BHCC which can be seen at BH2020/00971. A new submission has been made under BH2020/01756 yet these dangers persist. Traffic calming measures and a pavement are urgently needed for the benefit of the safety of the occupants of all new homes on Roedean Road.

Roedean Road to the east of Roedean Fire Station is a rat run where vehicles quickly gather speed to exit the city and there is a high incidence of cars travelling above the unenforced the speed limit. This places pedestrians in the path of vehicles and discourages pedestrian and cycle access to Roedean and the City. The speed of traffic entering and exiting the City on Roedean Road is a danger to public health and safety. Once vehicles are through the traffic light moving east drivers tend to put their ‘pedal to the metal’. Narrowing the road, by adding a shared space cycle/pedestrian footpath, in conjunction with other traffic calming measures, would be congruous with the narrowing of the road outside Roedean Fire Station and would slow traffic down. There have been a number of serious accidents in this area.

Started by: Craig Jones (Roedean Residents Association)

This ePetition ran from 03/07/2020 to 28/09/2020 and has now finished.

239 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Response provided at the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on 29 September 2020

"There are a number of other locations in the city where this has also been
raised, some of which are on today’s agenda, but I want to thank you for raising the need for pedestrians and cycles to improve community safety in your area; particularly as there are no pavements where you mention.

The council is currently developing its Local Cycling and Walking
Infrastructure Plan, and I can confirm that your comments and request about pedestrian and cycling issues in this location have been noted by officers and will be considered as part of this ongoing work.

When we investigate providing new footways, we do have to consider the
overall costs which can include the need to re-construct road surfaces and
drainage, and divert or lower underground services if there is space to do so. These works can be major and would need to be considered as part of our overall prioritisation of similar locations, in order to determine their suitability for being progressed within the budget available at the time.

But I thank you for raising this and for emphasising the importance of being able to walk safely, so as I mentioned we will pass this onto officers working on the local cycling and walking infrastructure plan".


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