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Double Yellow Lines - Roedean Crescent West

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to increase the length of double yellow lines at the west entrance to Roedean Crescent.

Historically, residents have not tended to park at the west entrance to Roedean Crescent as it forms a 't' junction with Roedean Road because doing so narrows the road near the junction.

In recent years this part of Roedean Crescent has been increasingly used by commuter vehicles avoiding parking charges in Controlled Parking Zone H. This means that the the west entrance to Roedean Crescent is now almost permanently narrowed by parked cars and the view of oncoming traffic is regularly obscured. It is also commonly not possible for a vehicle travelling west on Roedean Road to turn right into Roedean Crescent if a car is exiting. In consequence it is necessary to 'wave on' the exiting vehicle. This is dangerous and likely to result in accidents. The speed limit of 30 mph is not observed by over 50% of vehicles on this section of road which adds to this dangerous road safety situation. (Show truncated justification text)

Started by: RoedeanResidentsAssociation Chair (Craig Jones - Chair Roedean Residents Association)

This ePetition runs from 18/02/2019 to 24/06/2019.

32 people have signed this ePetition.

Council response

To be presented to the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee on 25 June 2019


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