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Traffic calming measures for Newtown Road

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to put speed bumps in at Newtown Road, Hove. Newtown Road is a lovely, quiet, family-oriented street, yet traffic comes down it far too fast as a cut through from Old Shoreham Road. Drivers do not respect the 20mph speed limit. There have been a number of accidents on this road, and the bollards on the crossing with Fonthill Road are very often damaged. When the new developments across Fonthill Road are occupied through traffic will inevitably increase dramatically.

We feel it’s time apply to the Council for traffic calming measures before there’s a serious accident. This is a particular concern given this a street with many families and young children.

Started by: Jocelin Gale

This ePetition ran from 05/12/2018 to 21/01/2019 and has now finished.

118 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Response provided by the Chair of the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee at its meeting on 22 January 2019:

"Thank you for your petition.

Officers have looked at the road safety record in Newtown Road. In the past three years there have been two road traffic injury accidents and while any level of injury accident is very unwelcome, there are other roads and streets elsewhere in the City that have a greater road safety risk. When we direct our expenditure, we direct it to road safety measures where it is evidenced that a higher of accidents, particularly injury causing accidents are occurring.

The petition seeks speed control humps and whilst these features can be effective in reducing vehicle speeds they can also be expensive, expensive to maintain and are not always welcomed by all residents of the local community.

Given the Road Safety record, this does not warrant diverting funding for those types of engineering interventions from other locations where we know collision rates are higher. However, I will ask officers to contact you with a view to further discussions if you feel this will be helpful particularly in relation to the proposed new developments in that immediate area so we can understand those before those developments happen".


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