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Seven Dials Improvement Project

We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to reject the proposals as they stand. We oppose any scheme at the Dials which may lead to traffic being diverted onto residential streets.

We are in favour of changes to our local area which improves the environment for all users.

Information from the council...

The proposals have not taken into account the effects on the local residential streets.

They do not know what the effects on these streets will be.

They have a powerful traffic simulation system, but they haven't used it to test how traffic will be diverted.

They have no intention of modelling these effects before the scheme is introduced.

They admit that increased traffic in residential streets is possible if drivers "choose" to divert.

They admitted that their aim is to throttle traffic at the Dials, forcing to divert.

Our Resolution...

We will not vote for any councillor who, in a vote, approves plans for the Seven Dials.

The e-petition together with a paper version will be presented to the Full Council meeting on the 13th December 2012.

Started by: Dials North West Community Association (Dials North West Community Association)

This ePetition ran from 05/11/2012 to 18/01/2013 and has now finished.

81 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Response provided by the Chair of the Transport Committee at the Committee meeting of 15 January 2013:

"Proposals for improvements to the Seven Dials area have been subject to extensive public consultation and were informed by workshop sessions with local people before the consultation took place. The primary aim of the scheme is to improve the road safety problem that currently exists, which consistently means Seven Dials is one of the most dangerous areas in the city.
In response to genuine concerns about displacement of traffic into residential streets and the negative response to this element of the consultation, proposals for changes to traffic flow in Vernon Terrace and Bath St have been removed from the wider scheme. This will allay the concerns of many residents in that area.
The response to the main proposals for the roundabout has been overwhelmingly positive, with respondents voting 2 to 1 in favour of the changes. We acknowledge that there are still concerns about possible rat running in the area to the North West of the Dials, and in light of this officers have undertaken extensive traffic modelling which has confirmed that the proposed changes will not have a significant impact on the capacity of the roundabout. It is considered, therefore, that the likelihood of rat running is low.
However, detailed monitoring of traffic levels in 19 surrounding residential streets is currently being undertaken and would be repeated after any scheme has been introduced. If any road is found to have experienced a significant increase in traffic flows, then we have made a commitment to work with local residents to address the problems.
Following the debate and the recommendation at Full Council officers presented the results of the modelling and the consultation at a well attended public meeting on 17th December. That meeting was attended by 5 members of the Transport Committee.
The proposals are on today’s agenda so there will be an opportunity for members to discuss the scheme in detail before of making a final decision on whether to proceed"


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