Committee details - Orbis Public Law Joint Committee

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Committee details

Orbis Public Law Joint Committee

Purpose of committee

This meeting is administered by Surrey County Council, copies of agenda and minutes can be found at Orbis Public Law Joint Committee




1.     The Committee shall comprise of Members appointed by the constituent authorities, currently Brighton & Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council, Surrey County Council and West Sussex County Council (“the Councils”).  Each authority shall appoint one Member to the Committee in accordance with its constitution.


2.    Each Council’s Leader (or in the case of Brighton & Hove City Council, the Council) may appoint one substitute Member to attend meetings of the Joint Committee, should an appointed member of the Committee be unavailable or unable to attend a meeting of the Joint Committee.  A substitute Member attending in the absence of an appointed member will have full voting rights.


Terms of Reference:


The Orbis Public Law Joint Committee will:


1.    Oversee the delivery of the services delivered jointly through the Orbis Public Law partnership of the Councils (‘OPL’).


2.    Recommend proposals to meet the annual budget for OPL, set by each of the Councils.


3.    Approve the OPL Business Plan and performance measures.


4.    Monitor the OPL Business Plan and performance of OPL.


5.    Make recommendations to the constituent authorities regarding revisions to the Terms of Reference of the Orbis Public Law Joint Committee.


Meetings of the Committee:


The Orbis Public Law Joint Committee will meet on four occasions a year, unless a different number of meetings is determined by the Committee.



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