Agenda item - BH2021/02657 - 44 The Cliff, Brighton - Full Planning

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Agenda item

BH2021/02657 - 44 The Cliff, Brighton - Full Planning


1.    The Planning manager introduced the report to the committee.




2.    Ward Councillor Fishleigh stated that the application property had many issues relating to several planning applications and AirBnB rentals. The property was constructed as two dwellings, a house and flat, concerns were raised regarding the use of the house. Noise and disturbance had been reported from the property by the neighbours and the councillor requested that the planning enforcement team investigate the use of the property. The councillor noted that the bins were often overflowing and asked that a condition requiring a bin store be added. The councillor considered that the two windows in the application may result in more rooms internally.


3.    The Planning manager stated that the application was for two windows and that was what was under consideration by the committee.




4.    Councillor Yates was informed that the property was constructed as two dwellings, a house with a granny flat below. The planning permission was granted in 1989 and the use of the flat was not in the permission, however, this could be looked at.




5.    Councillor Moonan commented that they had sympathy for the objectors, however, the application was for two windows. The councillor supported the application.


6.    Councillor Yates considered that the design was good, and they supported the application as there was no planning reason to object.


7.    Councillor Theobald considered an investigation into the use would be good and they supported the application.


8.    Councillor Childs asked that the issues raised by the ward councillor be investigated and requested that councillors call on the government to let council’s act on AirBnB’s.


9.    Councillor Littman sympathised with the neighbours and noted there were other issues being raised and asked that action be taken within the powers of planning enforcement. The councillor supported the application.


10.The planning manager noted that there was a enforcement file open on the property.



11.A vote was taken, and the committee voted unanimously to grant planning permission. (Councillor Fishleigh did vote or take part in the decision making process).


12.RESOLVED: That the Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendation set out in the report and resolves to GRANT planning permission subject to the Conditions and Informatives in the report. 


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