Agenda item - Local Government Boundary Review

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Agenda item

Local Government Boundary Review

Report of the Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law (to follow).


28.1         Councillor Shanks introduced the report which resulted from the Boundary Commission’s review of the Council’s wards and structure and an initial consultation on the number of Councillors. She noted that there was a Member Working Group looking at the various elements of the review and it had recommended an increase from 54 to 58 Councillors.


28.2         The Mayor then put the recommendations to the vote which carried by 10 votes to 4.


28.3         RESOLVED:


(1)      That the Information in the appendices, including the information checklist, the draft size submission and the survey response from Members be noted;


(2)      That it be agreed that the Council should submit to the Boundary Commission the information checklist with the attachments as set out in Appendix 1 and the result of the Member survey as set out in Appendix 3 to the report;


(3)      That the draft Submission document set out in Appendix 3 with a proposed number of 58 Councillors be agreed; and


(4)      That the Executive Lead Officer for Strategy, Governance & Law be authorised to submit the Council’s proposals and take all other steps necessary or incidental to the process.

Supporting documents:


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