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Cross Channel Link

Proposed by Councillor Childs on behalf of the Labour Group.


36.1         The Notice of Motion as listed in the agenda was proposed by Councillor Evans on behalf of the Labour Group and formally seconded by Councillor Allcock.


36.2         Councillors Simson and Lloyd spoke on the motion and expressed reservations about whether a ferry service from the Marina would be viable.


36.3         Councillor Allcock spoke in favour of the motion having reserved his right to speak and argued that technological advances had been made and he hoped these would enable a ferry service to be developed.


36.4         Councillor Evans noted the comments and stated that she believed a foot passenger service was something that could be explored and hoped the motion would be supported.


36.5         The Deputy Mayor  then put the following motion to the vote


This Council:

1.     Notes that at various times there has been a cross channel ferry service to France from the City, most recently in 1992 from the Marina;


2.     That such a service based not on car use, but bike and foot/wheelchair passengers have the potential to increase tourism, create employment and be very popular with residents;


Council therefore requests the Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee to call for an officer report to explore options for the re-establishment of a cross channel passenger service from the Marina including:

a.     Whether such a service could be publicly run and operated or run as a cooperative or joint venture

b.     Revenue raising potential of such a service

c.      Transport links to the railway station(s) and bus routes.

36.6         The Deputy Mayor confirmed that the motion had been lost by 4 votes to 6 with 4 abstentions.

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