Agenda item - Citywide Roll-out of Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

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Agenda item

Citywide Roll-out of Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Proposed by Councillor Fishleigh as an Independent Councillor.


31.1         The Notice of Motion as listed in the agenda was moved by Councillor Fishleigh as an Independent Member, and formally seconded by Councillor Ebel.


31.2         Councillor Evans spoke in support of the motion.


31.3         The Deputy Mayor then put the following motion to the vote:


This Council notes that:

·           The city needs publicly available real-time data about pan-city air pollution (NO2 and PM) to enable:

§   Officers to assess how interventions, building configuration changes or traffic flow changes affect air quality


§   Residents and visitors vulnerable to air pollution to plan their days when pollution levels are high.

This Council also agrees to request that:

·           The Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee explores investing in a city-wide real-time AQ monitoring system with information available in real-time via a website for residents, councillors and officers.

·           The Tourism, Equalities, Communities & Culture Committee considers amending planning policy to ensure that all residential and business developments that come to planning committee install and maintain an AQ monitor with data available to BHCC.


31.4         The Deputy Mayor confirmed that the motion had been carried  unanimously.

Supporting documents:


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