Agenda item - Call Over for Reports of Committees.

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Agenda item

Call Over for Reports of Committees.

(a)  Call over (items 24 to 30) will be read out at the meeting and Members invited to reserve the items for consideration.


(b)  To receive or approve the reports and agree with their recommendations, with the exception of those which have been reserved for discussion.


(c)  Oral questions from Councillors on the Committee reports, which have not been reserved for discussion.


(a)          Callover


21.1         The following items on the agenda were reserved for discussion:


Item 24  -       IRP Report on Members Allowances

Item 25  -       Review of the Council’s Constitution

Item 26  -       Review of the Code of Conduct for Members

Item 27  -       Council and Committee Meetings from 1st August 2021

Item 28  -       Local Government Boundary Review

Item 29  -       The National Bus Strategy

Item 30  -       Targeted Budget Management (TBM) Provisional Outturn 2020/21


(b)         Receipt and/or Approval of Reports


21.2         The Head of Democratic Services confirmed that all of the Items listed on the agenda had been reserved for discussion.


(c)          Oral Questions from Members


21.3         The Deputy Mayor noted that there were no oral questions.


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