Agenda item - BH2019/01049 Land to the Rear and Side of 146 Mackie Avenue, Brighton - Full Planning

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Agenda item

BH2019/01049 Land to the Rear and Side of 146 Mackie Avenue, Brighton - Full Planning


              Demolition of existing garages and erection of 2 no two three-bedroom dwellings (C3) with habitable roofspace, landscaping, car parking and associated works.


(1)          It was noted that this application site had formed the subject of a site visit prior to the meeting.


            Officer Presentation


(2)         The Senior Planning Officer, Russell Brown, introduced the application and gave a detailed presentation by reference to photographs, plans, floor plans, site plans and elevational drawings setting out the proposed scheme. It was explained that permission was sought for the demolition of four existing garages and a front boundary wall to provide the number of dwelling units proposed. The application site was located to the southern side of Mackie Avenue and was bounded to the south west by mixed use commercial with residential flats above and the north east by residential semi-detached properties. The application site comprised land currently used for garaging separated from the highway by a brick wall and recycling facilities and included a group of Ash trees subject to a Tree Protection Order (TPO) and vegetation to the rear as well as a green access route which ran to the rear of the neighbouring terrace immediately to the south of the site. The area was predominantly residential with semi-detached houses interspersed with bungalows.


(3)          It was noted that the main planning considerations in determining this application were the principle of the development, the design of the dwelling houses, their impact on trees and on neighbouringamenity, the standard of accommodation created and impact on the highways network. It was considered that the current proposal had sufficiently overcome the reasons for refusal in respect of an earlier scheme. The weight given to the dwellings making a small, but vital contribution to the city’s housing supply was considered to outweigh any potential harm and it was considered that the proposed conditions would satisfactorily address any outstanding matters. The height, width, form and overall appearance of the properties would complement the immediate neighbouring development. Approval was therefore recommended.


            Questions of Officers


(4)          Councillor Littman referred to the site visit which had taken place the previous afternoon. A number of recycling bins had been observed at that time and he sought clarification regarding arrangements for their relocation in the event of planning permission being granted. It was explained that a one month notice period would be given and that they would need to be relocated.


(5)          Councillor Theobald referred to the existing garage use and it was explained that notice would also be served on the existing users. It was understood that the garages were currently used for storage rather than for vehicles.


            Debate and Decision Making Process


(6)          Councillor Bagaeen referred to the current climate emergency, considering that the highest quality design and use of sustainable materials were integral to that, considering that higher standards should be sought from those bringing applications for approval. He considered the proposed scheme to be of a good design but as a general point considered that more challenging standards should be set.


(7)          Councillor Theobald stated that whilst the proposed scheme would tidy up a messy back-land area, she did nonetheless have some concerns. She considered that the number of trees to be retained in one of the gardens was too many for the plot in her view and could result in overshadowing or loss of amenity.


(8)          Councillor Littman considered that whilst it was possible some overshadowing could result from the trees to be retained, he was of the view that the proposed scheme represented a good use of the space and had successfully overcome the previous reasons for refusal.


(9)          Councillor Shanks was in agreement that the scheme represented a good use of this space and was of an acceptable design.


(10)       Councillor Childs stated that there was a need for quality family homes and that this scheme would provide a modest development in keeping with the neighbouring dwelling houses.


(11)       A vote was taken and on a vote of 8 with 2 abstentions planning permission was granted.


65.3       RESOLVED – That the Committee has taken into consideration and agrees with the reasons for the recommendation set out in the report and resolves to GRANT planning permission subject to the Conditions and Informatives also set out in the report.

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