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Agenda item

Public Questions

Written Questions: to receive any questions submitted by the due date of 12 noon on 4 July 2019.


13.1      It was noted that a question had been submitted from Ms V Paynter, who at the Chair’s invitation, put the following question:


“I have noticed that for all Hove Majors over some time now, the CCG bats away every consultation request from BHCC concerning GP provision, including today’s Sackville Trading Estate application. It’s in the report!


On behalf of saveHOVE supporters I have put in responses begging for actual remaining surgeries, after many losses, to be consulted instead, even identifying two & providing contact details. 


Why is no consultation of actual NHS GP group practices being undertaken?”


13.2      The Chair gave the following response:


“Consultation for planning applications is set by both national legislation and the Brighton & Hove Statement of Community Involvement. Consulting individual GP practices in the vicinity of any site is not identified in either the Development Management Procedure Order or the Statement of Community Involvement to be consulted and therefore is not part of our statutory duties in dealing with planning applications.


In addition, since the CCG is the co-ordinating body for the provision of healthcare services, including GP provision, they are perhaps the more appropriate body to consult on applications rather than individual GPs.” 


13.3  Ms Paynter was invited to put a supplementary question.


13.4      Ms Paynter stated that they had been given to understand that surgeries in the Hove area had lists of approximately 24,000 residents. Future consultations should require facts and figures from local surgeries. Please clean up the consultation process.


13.5        The Chair informed Ms Paynter that residents can ask for facts and figures from surgeries individually should they so wish.


13.6  RESOLVED: That the position be noted.




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