Agenda item - Items referred from Full Council

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Agenda item

Items referred from Full Council

To conisder items referred from the meeting of Full Council held on 28 March 2019:


(a)          Petitions


(i)           Madeira Arches


(c)      Deputations


(i)           Brighton & Hove Grassroots Action Plan


(A)         PETITIONS


(i)           It makes better business sense to restore the three crowdfunded Arches at the Concorde 2 end of Madeira Drive


6.1         The Committee considered a petition, referred from the Full Council meeting held on 28 March 2019 and signed by 3118 people requesting the Council restore three Arches closest to the Concorde 2 using the crowdfunded money.


6.2         The Chair provided the following response:


“Thank you for your petition. As you may have noticed, the committee will consider a report on this matter later in this meeting and I hope you are able to stay to hear our consideration of that report”.


6.3         RESOLVED- That the Committee note the petition.




(i)           Grassroots Brighton & Hove


6.4         The Committee considered a deputation referred from the meeting of Full Council held on 28 March 2019 that explained the work of Grassroots Brighton & Hove.


6.5         The Chair provided the following response:


“Live music is a major player in the city’s cultural offer, and the coming together of local live music organisations and stakeholders in partnership at the Live Music Venue Roundtable is providing much needed representation for this sector. To reiterate what I’ve said previously, the council is fully supportive of this partnership and recognises the benefits that live music brings to the city, which are especially apparent at this time of year, with huge numbers of people visiting to enjoy live music at festivals such as Brighton Festival and Pride. 

Now that the Live Music Venue Roundtable has been set up and is progressing well, with good buy-in from the sector and from key council departments, this is the obvious place for Grassroots Brighton & Hove to interact with the council, and as I understand it, are regular attenders at these meetings. By providing strong representation there from grassroots live music venues and hosts you are already playing a key part in the partnership work that helps grow and sustain the industry in this city, and for this I thank you all. I’d encourage you to continue engaging with and shaping the agenda of the Roundtable.

If you do need an initial meeting with officers in addition to the opportunities offered by the Roundtable, I’m sure that we can arrange this”.


6.6         RESOLVED- That the Committee note the deputation.

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