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Agenda item

School OFSTED Presentation

Presentation from the Head Teacher for the Virtual School (copy attached)


Contact Officer:       Mark Storey                                  Tel: 01273 294271

Ward Affected:        All Wards




1)    That the Moulsecoomb Primary School Ofsted 2019 report taken alongside the School Ofsted Presentation be noted


9.1       The Head of Service – Early Years Youth & Family Support; and  Mark Storey, Head of Education Standards & Achievement gave a brief overview of the School Ofsted findings.


9.2       Councillor Clare referred to Little Ducklings and enquired if there was provision would be provided in case of closure due to finance issues.


9.3       The Head of Service – Early Years Youth & Family Support confirmed that a new provider was to open up on site.


9.4       The Managing Principle, provided comments regarding the legal implications the 1st school due for academisation.


9.5       Amanda Mortensen, Parent Governor Representative, enquired of the dialogue with the local authority regarding the summary of key findings of the leaders and governors evaluation of the school.


9.6       The Assistant Director – Education & Skills, stated that governors had concerns regarding the process and their ability to have dialogue with inspectors. it was stated that the evaluation was not inadequate and there was better practice at key stage 1, for those on child protection register and SEND.        


9.7       Councillor Hills requested the data referred to in 4.3.


9.9       The Assistant Director – Education & Skills stated that the data was currently being submitted as a draft action plan to Ofsted and that this would be circulated with all Councillors once returned and following any further changes.


9.10    Councillor Brown enquired of any further precautions that might be taken in regards other schools in a similar predicament such as St Mark’s.


9.11    The Head of Education Standards & Achievement clarified that in the case of St Mark’s, the negative judgement was expected and that a provision of aid had been pre-empted.


9.12    The chair gave a brief overview of the notice of motion regarding the Academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary and taken alongside the School Ofsted Report findings presentation.


9.13    Councillor Brown stated that the Conservative party agreed with the notice of motion in regards to consulting and supporting parent’s views.


9.14    Councillor Wares stated that the Conservative Party would support the parents. An amendment to the notice of motion was proposed to read as:


“This Committee notes that an order for academisation of Moulsecoomb Primary School was imposed by the Regional School’s Commissioner on behalf of the Secretary of State. On the conversion date Brighton & Hove City Council shall cease to maintain the school and will be forced to transfer land and buildings occupied by the school to an academy trust chosen by the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) on behalf of the Department of Education.


This Committee notes the extensive support being provided to the School by the Council and does not believe that an Academy sponsor is necessary to improve the standards of the school.


This committee opposes the privatisation of schools, and the imposition of academy orders against the will of the local community.


The Committee instructs the officers to conduct a ballot of parents and carers of children on roll at Moulsecoomb Primary School on the question of whether they are in favour of or oppose the forced conversion of the School to an academy trust selected by the Regional Schools Commissioner. The result of the ballot should be shared with

the Regional Schools Commissioner and will be published on the council website and communicated to parents.


The Committee invites the RSC to consider inviting Ofsted to reinspect the school with a view to considering improved standards.


The Committee notes the efforts being made to improve the standards of the school and calls upon the Regional Schools Commissioner to consider improved standards as grounds for revoking the order.”


9.15    Councillor Brown seconded the amendment.


9.16    A vote for the amendment was agreed.


9.17    The Committee voted on the notice of motion, as amended, and was agreed.


9.18    RESOLVED:


1)    That the Moulsecoomb Primary School Ofsted 2019 report taken alongside the School Ofsted Presentation be noted.

Supporting documents:


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