Agenda item - Housing Management Performance Report Quarter 4 and end of year 2018/19

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Agenda item

Housing Management Performance Report Quarter 4 and end of year 2018/19

Report of the Executive Director of Neighbourhoods, Communities & Housing



11.6      RESOLVED: That the Housing & New Homes Committee notes the report.



11.1      The Committee considered the report from Executive Director Neighbourhoods, Communities & Housing that covers quarter 4 of the financial year 2018/19 alongside end of year results. Ododo Dafe - Head of Income Involvement & Improvement, drew the Committee’s attention to the highlights listed, including:

·       Rent collection and current arrears – 97.81% of rent collected.

·       Customer services and complaints – 91% of calls answered and 90% of

stage one complaints responded to within 10 working days.

·       Empty home turnaround time – 142 homes re-let in an average of 33 days

(or 51 days including time spent in major works).

·       Repairs and maintenance routine repairs took an average of 12 days to

complete and 97% of appointments were kept.

·       Estates service – 78% of bulk waste jobs completed within 7 working days.

·       Anti-social behaviour – 85% of people surveyed were satisfied with the way their anti-social behaviour complaint was dealt with.

·       Tenancy management – 25 people helped to keep their tenancies which

were at risk.

·       Seniors housing – 96% of residents have had their annual review.


11.2      Councillor Hugh-Jones was informed that the improvements resulting from photovoltaic placements were not included in this report. It was noted that pre-improvement figures are measured against post work figures to measure performance.


11.3      Martin Reid – Assistant Director of Housing, informed the committee that making the housing stock more energy efficient was an ongoing matter, with older stock raising more issues. Energy bills will be looked at for residents and tenants in older housing blocks. It was noted that £11m is spent annually on new programmes.


11.4      Councillor Heley noted the two flats in Preston Park ward undergoing major works and the effects on the neighbouring properties. It was hoped that the works would be concluded soon to reduce the impact on neighbours.

11.5    Councillor Atkinson stated they were concerned regarding the number of tenants affected by arrears under Universal Credit.


11.6      Councillor Mears noted that the structural repairs at Leach Court were stated as complete. It was noted that the appearance of the Leach Court did not seem to indicate that this was the case. Martin Reid agreed that this would be looked into. Councillor Mears was pleased to forward movement on the Oxford Street conversion of offices to flats, however it appeared to be a lengthy process. Martin Reid stated that party-wall agreements had delayed the development, along with other planning consent issues.


11.7      Councillor Gibson was informed that a percentage of tenants in rent arrears under Universal Credit can be helped. Alternative payment agreements are available. It was noted that Department of Work & Pensions (DWP), who have strict criteria, and Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA) can be used for rent, and arrears. Tenants with Universal Credit issues are assessed on a case-by-case approach. It was noted that next year higher rent arrears are expected, as a result more help will be given to residents. Martin Reid informed the committee that major works do go out to tender and value for money is a deciding factor. It was noted that annual benchmarking against other authorities was challenging as other Councils were only similar in general terms.


11.8      RESOLVED: That the Housing & New Homes Committee notes the report.


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