Agenda item - Annual Report 2019

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Agenda item

Annual Report 2019

Report of the Executive Director Neighbourhoods, Communities & Housing


10.8    RESOVLED: That the Housing & New Homes Committee approved the draft Annual Report 2019 to Council tenants and leaseholders.



10.1    The Committee considered the report from Executive Director Neighbourhoods, Communities & Housing that has been provided to council tenants and leaseholders. The regulatory framework from social housing in England from the Regulator for Social Housing, sets out the requirements for the areas that must be covered in the report and include information on the repairs and maintenance budget, timely and relevant information, and support for tenants to build capacity and more effectively involvement.


10.2    Councillor Atkinson commented that the report was lively, easy-to-read and the recruitment of a Senior Leaseholder Liaison Officer, following feedback from the Leaseholder Action Group, along with a single phone number for residents to report anti-social behaviour were positive steps forward.


10.3    Councillor Mears commented that the report was detailed and considered the photovoltaic installations on three housing blocks, were good improvements to reduce residents fuel bills.


10.4    Councillor Hugh-Jones stated that the report was good and congratulated all involved. Councillor Hugh-Jones was informed that online surveys will be available to all tenants via the ‘Homing-In’ magazine with phone numbers to call for residents to give feedback. It was noted that bids will be placed with European Union funded Sustainable Housing Initiatives in Excluded Neighbourhoods (SHINE) project whatever the situation is with the UK leaving the European Union. The photovoltaic improvements were welcomed.


10.5    Councillor Heley was informed that the door-to-door survey carried out across the city related to: repairs; what was going well; and what are the residents wants for the future. It was noted that the feedback informs the repair and maintenance service.


10.6    Councillor Mears noted that not all tenants were online and welcomed the support phone line. Councillor Mears was informed that mutual exchanges were preferred online as this allowed tracking of information. Customers are offered the alternative of phoning staff for assistance and to ‘act as the customers hands’ to infill online forms. It was noted that 49 field officers operate in the Hangleton and Knoll areas. These officers have visited homes and interacted with the community. Councillors were informed that the field officers were happy to give feedback to the Members and to meet on site to discuss issues if requested.


10.7    Councillor Osborne was informed that previous figures for the ‘How do we spend our income?’ could be provided if Members wished to compare.


10.8    RESOVLED: That the Housing & New Homes Committee approved the draft Annual Report 2019 to Council tenants and leaseholders.


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