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Agenda item

Chairs Communications


3.1      The Chair welcomed new and returning members. The public were welcomed in chamber and on web. The Chair stated that Housing is key challenge to Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) residents who are renting at high rents. The Chair highlighted the Global change carbon reductions by 2030. The Committee are charged with key housing decisions and Members should move forward together addressing climate issues.


The Chair noted the 2-year anniversary of Grenfell tower fire when fire doors failed. The Chair stated that the Association of doors manufactures remediation was unsatisfactory. The Chair felt that BHCC and Housing Associations do not have enough money to replace all doors. The Industry is collapsing, and the national government need to support. We are keen to support. An early estimate is that £2.5m is needed to new compliant fire doors. More may be needed. The safety of residents is a priority; however, the risk is low as other measures are in place. Additional fire assessments agree that the risk is low. The Chair also stated that it was felt that 2 years after Grenfell progress by the national government was slow progress.


The Chair asked the Committee to remember the late Steve Parry. The vulnerable residents have lost an advocate. The Chair requested a minute silence.



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