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There will be a brief presentation from representative(s) from Red Box in relation to countering period poverty following which there will be the opportunity for Members to ask questions.


29.1    There was a presentation from representatives from the Red Box Project in relation to countering period poverty.


29.2    It was explained that the Red Box project was a community based, not for profit initiative which aimed to support young people throughout their periods by providing boxes filled with free period products to local schools. The project had been set up by three friends in March 2017 in Portsmouth when this issue had first hit the headlines and recognising that the need was nationwide they had invited individuals from across the country to be part of this movement and the response to date had been overwhelming.


29.3    In Brighton and Hove the project had been set up in November 2017 and currently 18 primary, junior and secondary schools were being supported, a total of 23 boxes per month were placed in schools and there were 11 collection points across Brighton and Hove including the one located in the Reception Area at Hove Town Hall.


29.4    The project would either contact a school or they would approach the project expressing a need for a Red Box. A box would be packed and delivered fully stocked with a selection of donated products. The most appropriate location for the box was agreed with the school and staff were encouraged to make students aware of  the  project and where the  products available  could be located. The aim of the  project was to quietly ensure  that no young person in need went without these vital products.


29.5    Research which had been carried out nationally was detailed and it was clear that education was key. The projects aim for the future was to have a Red Box in every school in Brighton and Hove and to improve accessibility to period products; to help reduce the stigma surrounding menstruation for all genders and to improve the education and support available in respect of the physical, emotional and mental effects of menstruation.


29.6    Following the presentation Members had the opportunity to ask questions before proceeding with the remaining business of the meeting. The Chair, Councillor Daniel, commended the work which had been done in highlighting and seeking to address what was clearly a very real problem for a number of young women.


29.7    RESOLVED – That the content of the presentation be received and noted.


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