Agenda item - Food Poverty Action Plan

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Agenda item

Food Poverty Action Plan

Report of the Brighton Food Partnership (copy attached)



35.1    The Committee considered the final progress report in relation to the Food Poverty Action Plan which had been forwarded by the Health and Wellbeing Board at its meeting held on 13 November 2018 in order that members could receive it and note its contents.


35.2    The Committee had received a presentation in relation to the earlier draft document which had been submitted for information. At that time the Committee had pledged its support and had requested that the final Action Plan be referred back to it for information in order that it could be updated in relation to progress made.


35.3    The Chair, Councillor Daniel, commended the report and all of hard work which had been put into preparing and implementing the Action Plan which had been widely acknowledged as an outstanding and valuable piece of work. The Plan had won the 2016 Community Works Sector Star Award for “the most innovative commission or public sector service”. It had received lottery funding and there was now a programme for rolling out this approach nationally and the Mayor of London was using as a model for support for the London Boroughs.


35.4    Councillor Morgan welcomed both the report and the work which stood behind it notwithstanding that he had concerns in relation to the longer term sustainability of such projects against a backdrop of increasing poverty in some areas whereby in addition to the potential impact of the further roll-out of Universal Credit there were a number of working families who found themselves unable to support their families. He had concerns that there would be increasing pressure on the limited resources available.


35.6    Councillor Marsh stated that during her recent mayoral year she had had the opportunity to witness the work of the Brighton Food Partnership at first hand and had found it very impressive.


35.7    Anusree Biswas Sasidharan, stated that in reflecting on the work carried out it was both heart-warming and heart breaking. Joanna was in agreement commenting that the fact that the Brighton Food Partnership were leading on this nationally was important in that it indicated that there was a co-ordinated strategy in place which had acted as a catalyst for addressing a challenging situation rather than being paralysed by it.


35.8    Councillor K Norman stated that the in depth analysis and strategies identified in the report were to be welcomed. As a Member of the Health and Wellbeing Board he could confirm that body had agreed recommendations which would enable this work to continue to its next stage.


35.9    Councillor Peltzer Dunn concurred with all that had been said and was of the view that in order to acknowledge the value of this work that in addition to noting and receiving the contents of the report it should also be commended. The Chair, Councillor Daniel stated that she would be happy to support the proposed amendment and the Committee concurred unanimously in that view.


35.10  RESOLVED – That the final progress report and Brighton & Hove Food Poverty Action Plan 2015-18 be received, noted and commended.



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