Agenda item - Review of Seniors Housing

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Agenda item

Review of Seniors Housing

Report of Executive Director for Neighbourhoods, Communities & Housing (copy attached).



(1)            That the Committee agrees a review of the sheltered housing stock and service as detailed below, with a report of review recommendations back to a future Committee.



45.1   The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director, Neighbourhoods, Communities & Housing which set out recommendations to undertake an appraisal of the council’s seniors housing schemes to ensure that the council had the right investment plans to maintain and improve the council’s homes and make sure that they met residents’ requirements into the future. The review would be undertaken in consultation with residents.  The report was presented by the Housing Manager, Seniors Housing, accompanied by the Head of Housing Strategy, Property & Investment. Members were informed that the timeline for the review was six months when a report would be brought back to the committee.


45.2   Councillor Atkinson stated that he supported the idea of a review. He considered that sheltered accommodation was the right direction of travel especially for those people in the early stages of dementia. He referred to paragraph 3.12 and supported the inclusion of housing associations. He stressed the importance of voluntary organisations involvement in helping to combat loneliness. For example, Hazelholt arranged for an organisation called Volunteering Matters to come along and run activities in the unit.  Councillor Atkinson welcomed the report and looked forward to more information.


45.3   The Housing Manager replied that when officers last reviewed the Seniors Housing service they had looked predominately at the need to deliver a different service. Work was carried out with voluntary sector organisations such as Volunteering Matters at Hazelholt and the other schemes.  The current report was saying that if the service provision was right then the bricks and mortar needed to be right for that type of work.


45.4   Councillor Mears thanked the Housing Manager and welcomed the proposal for a future report following the review. She stressed that her only concern was that it would be presented to the committee after the elections in May.  Meanwhile, Councillor Barnett had asked for concern to be expressed regarding the cost of the charges in sheltered accommodation.  Councillor Mears requested details of charges in the schemes in the form of a report to committee. The Housing Manager agreed to investigate this matter and bring back a report to committee.


45.5   Councillor Moonan encouraged officers to link in with public health. The Health and Wellbeing Board were developing a Health & Wellbeing Strategy at the moment which talked about loneliness. She suggested officers spoke to the Director of Public Health as there was much more that could be done in terms of public health.


45.6   Councillor Wares welcomed the report which he considered was timely. He stressed that in order to achieve objectives, it was important to carry out impact assessments. Councillor Wares stressed the importance of communication.


45.7   The Housing Manager agreed that there was a need to ensure the involvement of residents.  There was a huge amount of diversity in that group and they would be involved in the process.


45.8   RESOLVED:-


(1)            That the Committee agrees a review of the sheltered housing stock and service as detailed below, with a report of review recommendations back to a future Committee.



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