Agenda item - Minutes and Action Log

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Agenda item

Minutes and Action Log

To consider the minutes and Action Log of the meeting held on 18 September 2018 (copy attached).


38.1    Councillor Sykes requested the following three amendments to the            Minutes of the last             meeting: 


            1.  27.3 SR13 should be amended to SR30

            2.  27.4 should be deleted

            3.  29.6 “community involvement” should be amended to: “community                                             correspondence”

38.2    Dr Horne stated that regarding Item 27, he had not seen the report which had been promised on the implications of Brexit. The Executive Director, Finance & Resources confirmed that this report had been brought forward to the PRG committee and that he would circulate it by email after the meeting and that this should be added to the Action Log. 

38.3       RESOLVED – That the Chair be authorised to sign the minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2018 as a correct record, with the above three amendments.



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