Agenda item - NHS 111 Tender for New Contract

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Agenda item

NHS 111 Tender for New Contract

Report from Coastal West Sussex CCG. Colin Simmons, 111 Programme Director, will present.


32.1    This item was presented by Colin Simmons, 111 Programme Director.


32.2    Mr Simmons told members that recent developments include:


·         Healthwatch has been engaged to contact hard to reach groups

·         Soft market-testing events have now taken place

·         Services for callers requiring face-to-face contact have been revised so that 111 operatives can directly book appointments in the future with the new service


32.3    Procurement will begin in January 2018, with the contract award in July/August and a commencement date of April 2019. The major risks identified include: digital, clinical governance and workforce. Health Education England is involved in discussions about the clinical workforce.


32.4    In response to questions from Cllr Wealls on the depth of the provider market and on break-clauses, members were told that the market appears robust: 10 providers attended the soft marketing events. The contract will provide break-clauses for both sides; this is standard in NHS contracting.


32.5    In answer to a question from Jo Ivens about social value, the committee was told that social value is an important factor in the contract, particularly in terms of sign-posting to community and voluntary sector services.


32.6    In response to a query from Colin Vincent about private sector involvement in the contract, it was confirmed that bids would be welcome from private sector organisations and from public/private partnerships.


32.7    In answer to questions from Cllr Morris on the CCGs involved in the contract and on the clinical pilots, members were told that the new contract would be with the seven Sussex CCGs. The clinical pilots have focused on getting maximum value from the one year extension of the current contract with SECAmb.


32.8    In response to a question from Cllr Morris on performance data, Mr Simmons told the committee that performance data for the current contract is not broken down into individual localities, but the data can show which GP surgeries the patients are from as part of the information collated on the call.


32.9    Following a question from Cllr Greenbaum on the fall-back position if no suitable bidders come forward, Mr Simmons agreed to provide an update to the HOSC around Easter 2019 when it should be clear if this situation pertains.


32.10  RESOLVED – that the report be noted.


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