Agenda item - 1. Single Homeless & Rough Sleeper Accommodation and Support Services. 2. Young People's Housing Advice & Supported Accommodation

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Agenda item

1. Single Homeless & Rough Sleeper Accommodation and Support Services. 2. Young People's Housing Advice & Supported Accommodation

Report of Executive Director, Health & Adult Social Care (copy attached).



(1)            That the report is noted


29.1   The Committee considered a report of the Executive Director, Health & Adult Social Care which updated members on the progress of two previous reports – Single Homeless & Rough Sleeper Accommodation & Support Remodelling & Tender report presented on 21st September 2016 and Young People’s Housing Advice and Supported Accommodation Report presented on the 16th November 2016.   Following consultation with stakeholders and service users new models of accommodation and support for single homeless adults and homeless young people were developed in 2015/16 to respond to increasing demand and the changing demographics of service users. Since the presentation of the remodelling proposals work had commenced to remodel and retender services. The report was presented by the Commissioning & Performance Manager – Rough Sleeping & Homeless Support Services.


29.2   Councillor Druitt was mindful that the Rough Sleepers Strategy aimed to eliminate street homelessness by 2020. He was aware this was a major challenge but considered that it was possible. He asked if this was expected to be an achievable aim. He thought it would be a good idea to bring a regular report to the committee to review the target. Councillor Moonan explained that a report would be presented to the Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities & Equalities Committee which would then be submitted to the Housing & New Homes Committee. There would be six monthly reports.  Eliminating rough sleeping by 2020 would be challenging. Rough sleepers on the street were not the same group of people and they were constantly moving on. It was important to stem the tide. The council was working as hard as possible to successfully move people off the street.

29.3   Councillor Mears referred to the minutes of 14 June 2017 - Paragraph 14.3 on page 19. The Housing First report suggested that targets would not be met, while it was known that rough sleeping was increasing. The current report showed that the number of beds had reduced by 85. Councillor Mears referred to the financial implications on Page 158 and stated that she could not see any reference to the St Mungo’s contact and how much they were paid. Councillor Mears was not convinced that there was sufficient joined up working.  In response, it was explained that the timescale for hostels had been delayed. Two tenders had been re-issued and revised. The number of beds had reduced due to a budget reduction; however, more beds than expected had been procured. A breakdown of the St Mungo contract and details of additional finance through the rough sleeper grant would be sent to members. Meanwhile, it was the intention to have joined up working in the city. This would include work with substance misuse and drug misuse services.

29.4   Councillor Gibson referred to paragraph 3.2.9 in relation to accommodation for the Substance Misuse & Physical Health Accommodation Service. He asked if funding was still secure for this service and when the committee would receive a report on the subject. In response, it was explained that funding from the HCA was secure and work was ongoing. A report would be brought to the Committee in November. 

29.5   Councillor Gibson expressed concern that just under 100 people were waiting for accommodation and that there was a 10 month wait. He stressed the importance of reducing these waits.  Councillor Moonan replied that the council would continue to work to eliminate rough sleeping but were aware of the challenges. The current paper was only part of the ongoing work to achieve this aim. Meanwhile, the loss of beds was offset by high quality services available, such as a women only service and substance misuse service. As a result, outcomes were much better. Councillor Moonan accepted that there was a waiting list but the night hostel could address some of these issues. There needed to be move on accommodation. She thanked officers for the report and their hard work. 

29.6   Councillor Mears express the view that homelessness and rough sleeping were housing matters and reports on this subject should first be presented to the committee rather than being submitted first to other meetings. 

29.7   Councillor Yates stressed that a great deal in the report was about making services fit for service. It was important to have the maximum amount of temporary accommodation. From a health and care perspective, the council was pleased to be engaged in this the process, and be providing more appropriate services and a better level of wrap around care to meet people’s needs.

29.8   Councillor Gibson commented that it was important for the council to provide temporary accommodation where it could in a crisis. However, the council needed to look to providing permanent secure accommodation in the longer term.

29.9   RESOLVED:-

(1)            That the report is noted

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