Agenda item - Gatwick Diamond Initiative and Gatwick Airport LTD

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Agenda item

Gatwick Diamond Initiative and Gatwick Airport LTD

Presentation from Jeff Alexander, Executive Director, Gatwick Diamond Imitative and Alison Addy Head of Community Engagement, Gatwick Airport Ltd


26.1      The Board considered Board considered a presentation from Jeff Alexander, Executive Director, Gatwick Diamond Initiative and Alison Addy Head of Community Engagement, Gatwick Airport Ltd that provided information on the Gatwick Diamond Initiative and Gatwick’s role in the economy.


26.2      Prof. Humphris stated that a challenge for Gatwick may be growth and the skills and supply chain and asked for the presenters view on this issue.


26.3      Alison Addy stated that this was being addressed in a number of ways including a graduate programme and in the longer-term, a focus on STEM and educational partnerships. Furthermore, Gatwick had its own well-established engineering programme that had now been running for 40 years.


26.4      Geoff Raw noted that the Chamber for Commerce had undertaken recent research that showed 46% of the regions exports were to the EU and asked if other locations for expansion were being considered and if the presenters had any advice for the Board to that end.


26.5      Jeff Alexander stated that approaches would undoubtedly change following the recent referendum result and the changes that would have upon import and export markets but that would give opportunity to re-double efforts, improve focus and improve on what were occasionally piecemeal systems. Jeff Alexander asses that strong, partnership working would be a key factor in that. Alison Addy stated that international trade was something Gatwick were focussing on a gauging and maximising demand was key.


26.6      John A. Peel stated that he had been impressed by Gatwick Airport’s encouragement of public transport and enquired whether there were any potential issues to continuing improvement.


26.7      Alison Addy stated that the rail network was very important to Gatwick Airport. Investment would be made in a new station as the current one was not fit for purpose although a significant funding gap had been identified through detailed design and solution was required to be found in conjunction with the DfT.


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