Agenda item - Public Involvement

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Agenda item

Public Involvement

To consider the following matters raised by members of the public:


(a)       Petitions: to receive any petitions presented to the full council or at the meeting itself;


(b)       Written Questions: to receive any questions submitted by the due date of 12 noon on the 7 June 2017;


(c)   Deputations: to receive any deputations submitted by the due date of 12 noon on the 7 June 2017.





5.1       There were none.




5.2       The following question had been submitted by Daniel Harris who was not in attendance:


“Can you confirm if there are still cases being investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman around revenge evictions?”


5.3       The Chair gave her response as follows: 


“There is currently one eviction case being considered by the local government ombudsman, however the details are confidential and we are unable to discuss ongoing cases. However the Ombudsman anonymises then publishes all decisions made. These can be found on their website


There is a report on the agenda today which has investigated evictions from Emergency accommodation.”   


5.4     RESOLVED- That the Public question be noted.




5.5       There were no deputations.


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