Agenda item - Greater Brighton Investment Programme Update

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Agenda item

Greater Brighton Investment Programme Update

Report of the Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board (copy attached).



1)            That the report is noted.



40.1      The Board considered a report of the Chair, Greater Brighton Officer Programme Board that provided a progress update on the Greater Brighton Investment Programme in the period 16 February to 31 March 2015. The report was supplemented with a presentation.


40.2      Councillor Kitcat expressed his thanks to Officers for achieving a huge amount of progress in a relatively short timeframe.


40.3      Andrew Swayne asked for a verbal briefing on Enhancing business and skills- Skills Capital’ that was currently the only category ranked as red.


40.4      Nick Hibberd stated this issue related to the Skills Capital Budget and was currently ranked red because of the requirement to spend allocated capital in a set timeframe.


40.5      Monica Box further clarified that City College were making every effort to get this issue back on track. Initial work had started and was progressing well.


40.6      Councillor Theobald asked for further clarification on estimated timescales.


40.7      Monica Box stated that the issue had been delayed predominately by the need to ratify legal agreements. These were now in place and the initial stage of regeneration and renewal could begin.


40.8      Councillor Kitcat asked what the likely outcome would be of the allocated funds not being spent in the 2015/16 financial year.


40.9      Nick Hibberd clarified that it was likely the allocation would return to the LEP to re-profile. He added that meetings were taking place and assistance provided.


40.10   Councillor Kitcat asked the Further Education representative if they were currently receiving everything they needed to progress.


40.11   Monica Box confirmed that the assistance provided had been valuable and there would be a meeting on 27 March to confirm the legal agreements.


40.12   Councillor Theobald stated that he wished to echo the sentiments of the Chair that significant progress had been made on projects across the counties.


40.13   John A. Peel recorded his thanks to Nick Hibberd for an excellent, succinct presentation.


40.14   RESOLVED- That the report is noted.


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