Agenda item - Coast to Capital LEP's Strategic Economic Plan

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Agenda item

Coast to Capital LEP's Strategic Economic Plan

Presentation from Coast to Capital LEP.


5.1         The Board received presentation from the Coast to Capital LEP Partnership from the Strategic Director of Coast to Capital LEP that outlined the key factors in growth, investment and strategic vision for the economic region. The presentation is attached at Appendix 2.


5.2         The Chairman of Coast to Capital LEP thanked the Strategic Director who had led on the project and for the contribution of partners present at the meeting. The Chairman of Coast to Capital LEP stated that there was now a national LEP body tasked with lobbying government and Coast to Capital were undertaking work to convince central government of the need for an investment strategy rather than ad-hoc investment in specific projects.


5.3         The Chair stated that the LEP network was very useful and he was aware that the Chair had written a strong letter to government ministers. Furthermore, representatives from the key cities had also written to government expressing their concerns regarding the absence of a strategic plan and requesting focus on key cities rather than core cities as evidence demonstrated that was where investment would yield greater return.


5.4         Councillor Theobald noted that central government were placing increasing emphasis on projects that were in place and could be delivered quickly. Councillor Theobald added that the Chancellor of the Exchequer had been highly impressed that the recently approved Royal Sussex County Hospital had such a thorough business case and that work could begin almost immediately. Councillor Theobald noted his preference that BML2 be prioritised as he felt that project was more likely to acquire funding in the short-term than the reinstatement of the Ukfield-Lewes line.


5.5         The Chairman of Coast to Capital replied that both project were for discussion and assessment was currently being made on the case for each.


5.6         RESOLVED- That the presentation be noted.




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