Agenda item - Greater Brighton City Deal

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Agenda item

Greater Brighton City Deal

Presentation from the Head of City Regeneration – Brighton & Hove City Council.


4.1         The Board received a presentation from the Head of City Regeneration (BHCC) and Director of Business Strategy & Development (LDC) that outlined the significance of the City Deal, the actions undertaken since and key priorities for the short and long-term. The presentation is attached at Appendix 1.


4.2         The Executive Director of the Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership enquired as to the level of housing provision identified for Newhaven.


4.3         The Director of Business Strategy & Development (LDC) clarified that whilst no firm proposals were in place; sites for development had been identified in the Local Plan, and were moving forward.


4.4         Councillor Theobald stated that whilst the local bus networks were to a high standard, he hoped that investment could be put into improving other transport links connecting Newhaven.


4.5          The Director of Business Strategy & Development (LDC) confirmed that the SEP had a long list of structural projects identified and they were aware of the case for improvement transport links to Newhaven.


4.6         The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Brighton enquired as to the future of the Newhaven ferry and asked if the Board might consider it a matter of strategic investment.


4.7         Blackman clarified that there has been some correspondence with both ESCC and LDC about the future economic viability of the ferry given the failure of any recent tendering process to find a new operator. Local partners are committed to Newhaven and Councillor Blackman clarified that £35m of investment in the Newhaven area had been identified including improvements to the link road.


4.8         The Chairman of the Adur & Worthing Strategic Partnership stated that strategic investment in the A27 for all methods of transport was key to the future of Newhaven and it was important for that investment to be planned and delivered coherently.


4.9         The Chair agreed that it was important to make a case for a strategic overview of the Newhaven area.


4.10      RESOLVED- That the presentation is noted.




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