Agenda item - Overview of Operating Principles

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Agenda item

Overview of Operating Principles

Report of the Chief Executive of the Lead Authority (copy attached).


3.1          The Board considered a report that set out the operating principles of the Greater Brighton Economic Board (GBEB) that comprised of the Greater Brighton Economic Joint Committee (GBEJC) and the Greater Brighton Business Partnership (GBBP). The documents related to the operation of the Board included the Heads of Terms, the Memorandum of Understanding, the Procedural Rules and the Call-in Procedure.


3.2          The Chief Executive of Brighton & Hove City Council extended her view that the principle of the Board was to operate in an open and transparent manner and accordingly that meetings be held in public.


3.3          The Chairman of Coast to Capital LEP noted the discharging of functions listed at 3.3 of appendix 1 and stated that it should be recorded that the Board was not currently in adherence with the definition of proportionality due to the immediate focus upon deliverability.


3.4          Councillor Yallop expressed his preference that the seating plan be amended so that Brighton & Hove Economic Joint Committee Members could be positioned next to their respective Chief Executives.


3.5          The Chair stated that the Board administration was very much a work in progress and he was open to ideas about finding arrangements that were more suited to Members.


3.6          Councillor Parkin stated that Adur District Council would be able to offer room facilities for future meetings.


3.7           Members from the Adur & Worthing Business Partnership, Brighton & Hove Business Partnership and Coastal West Sussex Partnership, stated their concern regarding the schedule for the Apportionment of Losses between Board Members (of 1/12th) as this was not feasible for their organisations.


3.8          The Head of City Regeneration (Brighton & Hove City Council) explained that this was a unique situation as the organisations were contributors and decision makers on the Board but not funders. He acknowledged that this arrangement needed to be examined for its operation in practice.


3.9          The Head of Law (Brighton & Hove City Council) recommended that the Board agree the schedule subject to further discussions on its operation in practice.


3.10      RESOLVED- That the Greater Brighton Economic Board approve and adopt its operating principles as set out in appendices 1-4 to the report subject to further discussions on Appointment of Losses between Board Members.




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