Agenda item - Member appointment to South Downs National Park Authority

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Agenda item

Member appointment to South Downs National Park Authority

Report of the Director of Strategy & Governance (copy attached).



70.1         The mayor noted that the Council had been asked to appoint a representative to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA), and therefore sought nominations from the council.


70.2         Councillor Mears nominated Councillor Geoffrey Theobald and Councillor Simson formally seconded the nomination.


70.3         Councillor Mitchell nominated Councillor Melanie Davis and Councillor Hawkes formally seconded the nomination.


70.4         Councillor Taylor nominated Councillor Pete West and Councillor Kennedy formally seconded the nomination.


70.5         Councillor Elgood nominated Councillor Watkins and Councillor Bennett formally seconded the nomination.


70.6         The Mayor stated that the following four councillors had each been nominated and she would therefore put them forward to the vote:


            Councillors Davis, Theobald, Watkins and West.


70.7         The Mayor noted that no overall majority had been gained from the round of voting.  Therefore Councillor Watkins as the nominee with the lowest number of votes would drop out and she would put the three remaining nominees to the vote.


70.8         The Mayor noted that no overall majority had been gained from the second round of voting.  She also noted that there was a tie between Councillors Davis and West for second place and therefore would repeat the process.  


70.9         The Mayor noted that a similar tied position resulted had resulted from the vote and therefore asked the Head of Democratic Services to toss a coin between Councillors Davis and West. 


70.10    The Mayor noted that Councillor Davis was successful and therefore put the remaining two nominees to the vote.


70.11    The Mayor confirmed that Councillor Geoffrey Theobald had achieved a majority of votes and was duly appointed as the Council’s representative on the South Downs National Park Authority.


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