Agenda item - To receive petitions and e-petitions.

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Agenda item

To receive petitions and e-petitions.

Petitions will be presented to the Mayor at the meeting along with two e-petitions on the following subjects:


(a)     Bring the On-Street Parking Contract Back In-House; and


(b)     Worcester Villas Parking.




59.1         The Mayor invited the submission of petitions from councillors.  She reminded the Council that petitions would be referred to the appropriate decision-making body without debate and the councillor presenting the petition would be invited to attend the meeting to which the petition was referred.


59.2         Councillor Harmer-Strange presented a petition signed by 26 residents concerning parking in Hayes Close.


59.3         Councillor Barnett presented a petition signed by 134 residents concerning parking outside of Goldstone School.


59.4         Councillor Hamilton presented a petition signed by 164 residents, which complemented a previous petition concerning the planned use of Hangleton Bottom.


59.5         Councillor Bennett presented a petition signed by 110 residents concerning the 27a Bus service.


59.6         Councillor Davey presented a petition signed by 497 residents concerning a crossing for York Place.


59.7         Councillor Mitchell presented a petition signed by 29 residents concerning Parking Waivers for Traders in Camelford Street.


59.8         Councillor Morgan presented a petition signed by 350 residents concerning the closure of the Whitehawk Youth & Community Centre.


59.9         Councillor Elgood presented a petition signed by 12 residents of Waterloo Street concerning the reinstatement of a lamp post.


59.10    The Mayor noted that there were two e-petitions to be presented in addition to the paper petitions.


59.11    Councillor Elgood presented an E-petition signed by 40 residents concerning a request to bring the parking contract back in-house.


59.12    Councillor Kemble presented an E-petition signed by 37 residents of Worcester Villas requesting that consultation take place on the provision of a parking scheme.



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