Decision - Optional Review of Allocations Plan

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Decision details

Optional Review of Allocations Plan

Decision Maker: Housing & New Homes Committee

Decision status: Recommendations Approved

Is Key decision?: No

Is subject to call in?: No


Review of the Housing Allocation plan and minor amendments of the Allocation Policy



That the Housing & New Homes Committee:


(1)      Notes the performance monitoring report at appendix one of the report


(2)      Agrees that the percentage of properties advertised under the Allocations Plan remains as follows:


         Homeless 40%

         Transfers 30%

         Homeseekers 20%

         Council’s Interest (Social Services) 10%


(3)      Agrees to the following minor amendments to the Allocations Policy as set out


(i)  Band C Sheltered no other housing need – update to restrict this band reason to bids only on sheltered accommodation and not general needs.


(ii)  Point of clarification – award of extra bedroom as contained in appendix two paras 3.3 to 3.7


(iii)  3 bedroom properties with a dining room – increase minimum number of occupants to maximise occupancy level to large properties


(iv)   Decrease total household income in policy to

§  One bed               £22,000

§  Two bed              £32,000

§  Three bed and above £36,000


(v)      Increase savings cap to four months average rent


• One bed       £5,000

• Two bed       £7,000

• Three bed and above £8,200


(vi)      Increase savings cap for sheltered applicants only to £16.000


(vii)  Waive savings cap on extra care applications. Waiver cases can only be offered   accommodation if there are no other non-waiver case waiting for extra care


(viii)   Remove sheltered Panel from the sheltered assessment process


(ix)   Introduce new Band A – sheltered applicant with need to  move under the allocations policy within the same scheme


(x)      Affordability of accommodation due to the welfare benefit cap – Ability to by-pass applicant who is not able to afford accommodation.


(xi)     Removal of over 50s requirement in seven blocks of flats.  (not over 55 for sheltered) 


(xii)     Amend Band D Applicants, required to be on the Housing Register of the purpose of obtaining shared ownership. These applicants may only be assessed for the above purpose and will not receive an allocation of social housing or be nominated to a Housing Association, to include the following. Different financial caps may be applied for applications for shared ownership than those used for social /housing applications. All applications for this band will remain suspended whilst in this Band.


(xiii)    Change the method of increasing the income and savings from the Consumer Prices Index to the increase in average rents in the city allowing applicants 50% of income for the purpose of rent.


(xiv)      That the Committee receive a report, in two years’ time, setting out the performance against the allocations plan, for the period January 2017-March 2020.


Report author: James Crane

Publication date: 19/09/2018

Date of decision: 19/09/2018

Decided at meeting: 19/09/2018 - Housing & New Homes Committee

Accompanying Documents:


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