Cllr. Dawn Barnett

BH2021/00617 – 57 Northease Drive


23rd March 2021:

I am writing to state my objection to the above development application in my ward of Hangleton & Knoll.


I note that this is the fourth application relating to this site, with the previous three rejected.


Previous applications, all rejected, include:





You would be aware of my objections to the previous development applications. These objections were also shared by council on at least one occasion.


My view is that nothing has significantly changed in this latest version that would warrant a different decision.


The development continues to breach council guidelines including policies CP12 and CP14 (plot size); and QD27 and HO5 (outside amenity space and privacy). The proposed development is out of character with the area, a significant concern to nearby residents and this application should be rejected.


      It is essentially the same application except now rebranded an 'extension' to the property.

      The number of additional residents will still be the same in addition - a total 8 people providing 2 car spaces.

      The extensions will still cause obstruction in the blind corner projecting beyond the rest of the houses in Spencer Avenue.

      Parking is not possible on both sides of Spencer Avenue as large vehicles like ambulance, fire brigade, etc cannot pass thus causing safety issue.


The continued development applications for this site are causing distress to my constituents. It is an unfair burden on my constituents that they should have to continue to write objections to what is essentially the same proposal – to build in the garden of 57 Northease Drive Hove.


I hope that you can make a definitive ruling against the applicant to put my constituents’ minds at ease and I would be happy to discuss my objection with you further.