Cllr. David Gibson

BH2021/00770 – 43-45 Bentham Road


15th March 2021:    

I request that this planning application (BH2021/00770) is heard by planning committee if you are minded to reject it. Whilst there are a balance of factors I support the application because:


1)    It provides 100% much needed affordable rented housing at rents under the local housing allowance

2)    I understand that it is supported by Brighton Housing Trust

3)    Tenants are accepted without deposits or rents guarantees and may be referred through the good landlord scheme


For me these are important benefits which at a time of housing crisis are to be had from building that has been empty for over 20 years and that by supporting the application it will ensure that the benefits can be assessed properly by the councillors on the planning committee and weighed up alongside any drawbacks.