Notice of Motion




Supporting unaccompanied ASYLUM-SEEKING children


This council notes

·         The recent announcement of Kent County Council that they are no longer able to support any more unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC)

·         Confirmation that Government will not be pursuing a mandatory rota for the National Transfer Scheme (NTS) but will offer a small funding uplift

·         The Dublin III reunification programme has ended following Brexit

·         The council’s previous commitment to take at least 10 UASCs a year through the NTS

This council further:

·         Notes that last year the council took more than its commitment through the NTS

·         Notes that gaps in funding from Government to support UASCs means a cost to the general fund

·         Gives thanks to the council’s UASC social work pod, foster carers with placements of UASCs and all others who provide support to children and young people who arrive in the city

This council therefore requests:

·         The chief executive write to the Home Secretary to express the council’s:

§  dismay at the Government’s refusal to introduce a mandatory rota for the NTS

§  concern that there is no replacement for Dublin III

§  disappointment that the Government funding uplift will not provide sufficient support to ensure that more councils take UASCs through the NTS

§  concern that in the meantime, UASCs are waiting at the border for placements that councils aren’t providing.


Proposed by: Cllr Clare                                           Seconded by: Cllr Ebel




1.    In 2020 = Brighton and Hove had 33 new arrivals in total. This breaks down to 16 x NTS transfers from Kent and Portsmouth, 15 spontaneous arrivals and 2 x Dublin III