Notice of Motion






This Council resolves to: 

1.     Note concerns that have been raised by Site Representatives and Allotment Holders with regard to (i) the administration of the Council’s Allotment Service and (ii) deviation away from the aims of the Brighton & Hove Allotment Strategy 2014-2024;

2.     Request the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee to call for an officer report on options for improvement which provides the following:

(i)        Breakdown by site of the different sizes of plot (i.e. full/half/third);

(ii)     Breakdown by site and plot type of rent that was paid during the last accounting period;

(iii)    Breakdown by site and plot type of plots that are currently unlettable;

(iv)    Breakdown by year of the number of people who have joined the allotment waiting list and paid the £17 charge, and how the funds have subsequently been spent;

(v)    Breakdown of the resources that are allocated to the Allotment Service;

(vi)    Breakdown of annual expenditure by site;

(vii)   Description of the role of Allotments Officer;

(viii)  Detail on which recommendations in the Allotment Strategy have been implemented and which remaining outstanding;

(ix)   Estimate by site of annual cost of water leaks;

(x)    Detail on when and why regular joint liaison meetings between Allotments Service staff, BHAF and other key stakeholders stopped; and

(xi)   Total amount that has been raised by voluntary donations from plot holders.

Proposed by: Cllr Nemeth                                     Seconded by: Cllr Simson



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