Appendix C - Parking Permit Review Timeline


Approved by ETS on 21 January 2020

         A Timeclock to be provided with the Professional Carer Permit (Similar to Blue Badge).

         Offer Daily, Weekly and Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Trader Permit.

         Remove Waivers and offer Daily, Weekly and Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Trader Permit. This is different to Waivers as they will not be able to park on double or single yellow lines. Instead they will be able to park in a pay and display bay, in a shared use bay or in a permit bay up to 5pm.

Approval required by ETS on 24 November 2021

         For Self Employed Professional Carers to provide a copy of the invoice they would use to charge the customer and Public Liability Insurance Certificate with the Policy Schedule for Domiciliary Care in order to evidence legitimacy for a Professional Carer Parking Permit.

         In order to obtain a Carer Permit, a completed form from the General Practitioner (GP). This form will require the GP to investigate the patientís files.


Approval required by ETS on 19 January 2021

         Officers will be taking a further report to agree ways forward for the school permit, Business Visitor permits, hotel parking and other permits and dispensations. Some of these will be linked to parking fees & charges being presented at the same meeting