Date of Meeting:

24 November 2020

Report of:

Monitoring Officer

Contact Officer:


John Peel


01273 291058



Wards Affected:







1.                    SUMMARY AND POLICY CONTEXT:


1.1             To receive any petitions submitted by Members.


2.               RECOMMENDATIONS:


2.2             That the Committee responds to the petition either by noting it or writing to the petition organiser setting out the Council’s views, or where it is considered more appropriate, calls for an officer report on the matter which may give consideration to a range of options, including the following:


§  taking the action requested in the petition

§  considering the petition at a council meeting

§  holding an inquiry into the matter

§  undertaking research into the matter

§  holding a public meeting

§  holding a consultation

§  holding a meeting with petitioners

§  calling a referendum



3.               PETITIONS


3. (i)          Keep Princes Street Pedestrianised – Councillor Childs


To receive the following paper and e-petition signed by 451 people at the time of publication:


“We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to maintain current restrictions to vehicular access to Princes St, withdraw plans to permit vehicular access as a through road and maintain pedestrianization.

Through traffic was stopped from accessing Edward St around 30 years ago. Since this time, this unique road has become a peaceful haven in the city centre providing pedestrian access to local cafes and two GP surgeries. The road is narrow and reopening as a cut through would lead to pollution, reduced pedestrian access, risk of accidents”.

3. (ii)         A new crossing and traffic calming for Freshfield Road – Councillor Childs


To receive the following petition signed by 343 people at the time of publication:


“We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to Install a new pedestrian crossing at the junction of Freshfield Rd and Queens Park Terrace and install permanent traffic calming measures on the road.

Residents have campaigned for a crossing at this busy point of the road for many years. Scores of Children and parents using St Luke's Primary School have to cross the road daily and risk vehicles speeding down the hill.

Vehicles speed down the Hill regularly leading to real risks of harm to pedestrians including users of 3 schools.

Current council procedures mean until there is a serious accident no action can be taken. We believe this is nonsensical and fails to take account of near misses, minor incidents and unreported risks”.