Appendix 3


Allotment Strategy 2014-2024                   Vision and Objectives


The Vision:


Enjoyable, inclusive, sustainable and affordable allotments for Brighton & Hove.


The Objectives:

1. Provide an economic way for people to produce good quantities of high quality, locally grown food.

2. Increase the number of people participating in food growing on allotments, so that all sections of the community – particularly the most vulnerable - can enjoy the benefits and fulfil their horticultural potential.

3. Ensure sufficient availability of good quality, accessible land for allotments.

4. Work towards a self-sustaining and efficiently run service that keeps down costs for both tenants and the Council.

5. Encourage on site participation to ensure the protection and promotion of allotments for food growing.

6. Support the very best practice in growing, so that allotments are a source of education and inspiration for the whole city in good food and healthy living.

7. Ensure that the allotment sites, alongside the main role of food growing, play a role in conserving the biodiversity of the city contributing to a healthy living environment.

8. Take a co-operative and participative approach to running the service and developing allotment policies and practices.

9. Ensure that learning and evidence gathered from the development of this strategy is shared within the city and used to inform other policy work.