Justification / additional information

Self Employed Professional Carers Permit Eligibility


Self Employed Professional Carers are not able to provide the current proof of eligibility in order to obtain a Professional Carers Permit. These documents are:

1.       a letter from their line manager, on headed paper, confirming that they care for someone or people in the community;


2.       a copy of their professional care ID.


For Self Employed Professional Carers to provide the following documents in order to evidence legitimacy for a Professional Carer Parking Permit:


1.       A copy of the invoice they would use to charge the customer and;


Public Liability Insurance Certificate with the Policy Schedule for Domiciliary Care

This is to ensure that all those individuals that are entitled to a Professional Carers Permit, are not excluded.


The Adult Social Care Team have reviewed and agreed these eligibility requirements for Self Employed Professional Carers.


The Fraud Team have confirmed the proposed eligibility requirements is a reasonable way to check that the person is a professional carer


Carers Permit Eligibility


In order to obtain a Carers Permit. The following information is required:

1.       A stamp from General Practitioner (GP) or Surgery Stamp is required

2.       How long the condition is likely to last




In order to obtain a Carers Permit. The following information is required:


1.       A completed form from the General Practitioner (GP). This form will require the GP to look into the patient’s files. (Presented in Appendix B)




Liaised with Carers Hub to ensure that those that require a Carers Permit is not excluded from the process.


Held a strengths and weaknesses analysis workshop to soundboard from staff their views on the eligibility requirements for a carers permit.


By changing the eligibility requirements, fraudulent activity will be decreased as a General Practitioner (GP) will be required to look into the Cared for records and confirm if they do require a Carer.


Fraud will be reduced as carers will not be eligible for a permit if they live in the same zone as the cared for. Those that have off-street parking and do not hold a Residence Parking Permit,  will go through an appeals process.




Justification / additional information


Council Dispensation: Can park in Permit Holder Bays for up to 1 hour and Yellow lines for up to 20 minutes only – except where loading restrictions are in place


Non- Council Dispensation: Can park on Yellow lines only – except where loading restrictions are in place for up to 20 minutes.


One Dispensation Permit with a timeclock included where both Council and Non-Council staff can park in a Permit Holder Bay for up to 1 hour and yellow lines for up to 30 minutes.


The timeclock will improve enforcement.


Will allow Non- Council holders more flexible restrictions meaning they can use available permit space as an alternative to using yellow lines unnecessarily.

School Permits

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) currently states the following:

‘No Permit shall be issued if the school has off-street parking facilities available or allocated for the use of its teaching staff at the school premises or elsewhere within the CPZ for which the Permit has been applied for’

As permits are being issued to schools that have off-street parking. The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was inaccurate and as a result, this section of the TRO was advertised to be taken out of the TRO.



This is to ensure that the Traffic Regulation Order remains accurate and consistent with the council’s procedures.


No objections were received to this TRO amendment.


Further suggestions for School Permits will be presented to January Committee 2021.