Parking Permit Review

Date of Meeting:

24 November 2020

Report of:

Executive Director, Economy, Environment & Culture 

Contact Officer:


Jenny Mitchell

Peter Turner


01273 295518



Ward(s) affected:

(All Wards);






1.1         This report provides members of this Committee recommendations for changes to the operation of various parking permits throughout the city.


1.2         Following the previous recommendations approved by Committee on 21 January 2020; further progress to the parking permit review has taken place and as a result, further recommendations are being presented to this Committee.




2.1         That the Committee agrees to amend the following permits as outlined in Appendix A.


·         Self-employed Professional Carers Permit

·         Carers Permit Eligibility

·         School Permits


2.2         That the Committee notes the changes to the current General Practitioner sign off process which is included in Appendix B, and the staff engagement analysis




3.1         Historically, when additional types of parking permits have been taken forward this has been in a piecemeal fashion, without considering the opportunities for modernisation and consolidation. Customers coming to the front desk regularly complain about whether some of the permits are fit for purpose and give anecdotal accounts of where permits may be being abused.


3.2         Therefore, it was agreed at the Environment, Transport & Sustainable Committee on the 21 January 2020 that an operational review of parking permits takes place and as a result, a report of recommended changes comes forward to this Committee.


3.3         Over the last two years, the Parking Customer Service Team and the Parking Projects Team have conducted a comprehensive review of the Parking Permit system which has spanned 2 years.


·         The first year focussed on identifying and recommending which permits were fit for purpose (no change required). This was approved by this Committee on 21 January 2020 when it was presented as an appendix. The Report also identified permits that required further investigation by taking into consideration complaints, concerns and comments made by members of the public.


·         This second year of the review has focused on modifying the identified permits that required further investigation. Part of these proposals are presented today.


3.4         As part of the review another schedule of permits with recommendations for change to start for the 2021/22 financial year is in progress. This will be presented at the 19 January 2021 Environment, Transport & Sustainable Committee alongside and with links to the fees & charges for 2021/22 which will be presented as a separate report at the same meeting.


3.5         As part of the review the following items have been completed.


·         A staff engagement analysis to assess strengths and weaknesses was conducted with the Parking Services Team (outlined in paragraph 5.1)

·         Liaised with the Adult Social Care Team, Carers Hub and the Fraud Team to ensure the eligibility process for Self Employed Professional Carers and Carers Permit is fit for purpose (summarised in paragraph 5.2)


3.6         Appendix C outlines the timeline and progress of the Parking Permit review





4.1         The main alternative option is doing nothing which would mean that no proposals would be taken forward. However, it is the recommendation of officers that these proposals are proceeded with for the reasons outlined within the report.


4.2         In order to obtain a Carers Permit, the provision of a detailed General Practitioner form is required (Appendix B).




5.1         A staff engagement workshop to assess strengths and weaknesses of the change was held to soundboard from staff their views on the eligibility requirements for a carers permit. The highlights from this workshop were that it would reduce fraud and misuse but may add to processing times from the surgery and may incur a cost from the surgery.


5.2         Consultation with the Adult Social Care Team and Carers Hub has been conducted to ensure that the criteria process for Self- Employed Professional Cares and for a Cares Permit is fit for purpose and to ensure that those that require a permit is not excluded from the eligibility process.


5.3         To allow committee to make an informed decision the draft Traffic Regulation Order to consult on these proposed changes was advertised on the 18 September 2020 with the closing date for comments and objections on 9 October 2020. Ward Councillors for all areas were consulted, as were the statutory consultees such as the Emergency Services.


5.4         This included a change to the school permits (outlined in Appendix A). This was to ensure that the Traffic Regulation Order remained consistent with the council’s current procedures.


5.5         The notice was also published in the Argus newspaper on 18 September 2020. The draft Traffic Regulation Order was available to view on the Council’s website.


5.6         No objections were received to any of the proposals in the Traffic Regulation Order so if the recommendations are approved by Committee, we propose to seal this order and make formal.


6.         CONCLUSION


6.1         Members of this Committee are being asked to approve the proposed changes laid out in Appendix A and note the changes to the current process. Fraud will be reduced as carers will not be eligible for a permit if they live in the same zone as the cared for. By providing Self Employed Professional Carers the opportunity to apply for a Professional Carers Permit, the provision of permits will be more inclusive.


6.2         It is felt the recommendations should be taken forward due to the reasons outlined within the report.




Financial Implications:


7.1         The recommendations in this report (for example, proposed changes to the proof of eligibility for carers permits) have no direct financial implications.  Any costs associated with the relevant administrative processes will be contained within existing Parking Services revenue budgets.


            Finance Officer Consulted: Jess Laing                                        Date: 15/10/2020


Legal Implications:


7.2         Under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the Council has the power to make any provision prohibiting, restricting or regulating the use of a road or any part of the width of a road subject to such exceptions as may be specified in the order.  The Council’s powers and duties under the Highways Act 1980 and the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 must be exercised to secure the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of traffic. The issue of the permits referred to in this report will allow Professional Carers to park for limited periods on the highway. This will help Professional Carers in carrying out their duties and also assist the Council is complying with its statutory duty as highway authority.    



            Lawyer Consulted: Stephanie Stammers           Date: 19 October 2020



            Equalities Implications:


7.4         Engagement with a wide range of residents was undertaken as part of the consultation process. The use and analysis of data and engagement has informed the proposals to ensure that they meet the needs of those members of local populations who require the attendance of professional carers.


            Sustainability Implications:




Brexit Implications:




Any Other Significant Implications:


7.7         HGHGH



            Crime & Disorder Implications:




            Risk and Opportunity Management Implications:




            Public Health Implications:




            Corporate / Citywide Implications:








1.         Appendix A - Parking Permit Proposals for 2020/21


2.         Appendix B - Carers Permit GP Form


3.         Appendix C - Parking Permit Review Timeline



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