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Planning Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning Committee.


Information about Planning Committee

Note: Due to works to Hove Town Hall from 1 April 2015 the Planning Committee will be moving to Portslade Town Hall for approximately 18 months.


This Committee exercises the Council’s functions in relation to development control (planning) matters). There are 12 voting Members and 2 co-opted non-voting Members who sit on behalf of the Conservation Advisory Group (CAG) and the FED Centre for Independent Living. This Committee deals with the following areas of work:


·           Determining (deciding) applications for planning permission, listed building consent and conservation area consent submitted under the Town and Country Planning Acts.

·           Determining applications for the display of advertisements submitted under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations.

·           Exercising any other function of the Council under the Planning Acts whether as a local planning authority or otherwise which may be referred to it by the Strategic Director of Place.

·           Determining whether prior approval is required for applications for the construction, installation, alteration or replacement of telecommunications masts submitted under Part 24 Schedule 2 of the General Permitted Development Order 1995 and whether they should be granted or refused.


Public Speaking Rights at Committee


Members of the public, applicants and ward Councillors may register to speak for or against any application that is heard by the Committee in accordance with the Protocol for Public Speaking, which can be found at part 8.6 of the Council’s Constitution by Clicking Here


Anyone who wishes to speak for 3 minutes (in objection or support of an application) will need to contact Democratic Services by 5.30pm on the Friday preceding the Committee date (4 days in advance of the meeting) to register on the speakers list.


Contact Details:

Clerk to the Planning Committee

Kings House

Grand Ave

Hove BN3 2LS


Tel: 01273 291064


Please note that if you have made a written representation about a planning application, you may not automatically be contacted regarding public speaking and will need to register your request with Democratic Services separately.


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